Saturday, December 22, 2007

the plane trip

Yes we made it. Here is the full story.

When you dropped us off we went over to the Delta counter there were like 3 people in line. So we get up there, and she says Ms. M I have some bad news.... your flight to Atlanta is delayed. I said well what does that to my internation connection..... OH, no, you won't make it. So how are we going to get us there. So she goes to work. 30-45 minutes later (the line behind us is NOW HUGE) she has found us flights, on 2 other airlines. (mind you J is hungry) So we go to the second airlline to check in....... um, ma'am, there are some problems here. (they had issues transferring J's ticket because of the child fare) So we can check you in........ but you need to go check with the 3rd airline and then come back to us and we will send your luggage on. Go to the 3rd counter and she gets MAD. why didn't they just do this. Ma'am there has been some issues they just want to make sure I don't get to Chicago and not have problems getting on the plane to Frankfurt. So we went back. They then sent our luggage on. So then we finally went on thru security where we were LUCKY enough to have been selected for SPECIAL screening! They put us thru this puffer machine. It blows air and tests you for exposure to things like explosives. Finally got to get J some pizza.

What is amazing about all of that is that normally this stuff will set me off. I will get really angry and some what loud and demanding. Thru the whole thing I was just like Okay. No problem, just get us to Frankfurt. So we get to Chicago.... and go wandering off to find a few things. Likes benadryl for J's hand, and a potty. Freaked myself out cuz after all that drama I could only find ONE boarding pass. Then it was almost as if a voice said, K, it is in your purse. You had them both. So I stopped and looked, and there it was. Get to the gate, and our flight is delayed. Get on the plane, and after an hour of sitting there, they realize the plane is broken and we have to switch planes. So our flight was SUPPOSED to leave at like 730, but by the time we realized it was broken and then moved planes and reloaded everything, it was close to 11 Chicago time and midnight our time. We got to Germany about 6 hours after our original flight time and like 4 hours after second set of tickets.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

On the go..........

Okay, I want you all to know I am not ignoring my responsibility to be out here. I am just swamped with moving and packing for our Christmas trip and yard saling....... and everything else.

We are doing well living in our chaos.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Moving on......

So as most of you know we have been living here in FL for just under 18 months. It is time for us to move on. I was offered and have accepted a position in VA. Just south of Richmond. It is a good move for me career wise.

I am not enjoying the thought of leaving behind friends that I have made here nor am I am excited about uprooting Jman, but it is where we need to go. God is working what things need to be worked.