Saturday, January 12, 2008

The move

Okay, so most of you know that we are moving to VA. So that is why I have been up and down and not on the blog. Well the computer packs up this week, so this will reall y be it until Jman and I find a house or whatever in VA.

Last night we had a party at Chuck E Cheese for Jman. A farewell for his buddies to come and play and say good bye. It was worth every minute, but for a while we didn't think that we were actually going to have a party.......... MAN. Jman got really sick for about the first 45 minutes to an hour we were there. He got pretty sick and then all of a sudden it was all good. It was very strange. I don't take kids to the ER very often (like not since he was under the age of 2) and that is where I thought I would be last night.

We had a really good time and got home after 9.......and of course Jman was asleep!

Thanks to all who came out to say good bye. Of course, I don't believe in those........ just see you next time.

I will be back online when I can..........