Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oops I forgot the popcorn story!!!

Jman is utterly embarrassed by this and screams at me everytime I tell it........ so of course being the great mom I am, I keep telling it.

For the first few weeks here (after my stuff was here and we were moved in) I didn't have a microwave. The house in FL had one built in so I didn't need one. Well you never realize how much they do for you until you don't have one.

SO for Valentine's Day (yes I have no life) I bought myself a microwave. It is very nice and pretty and white and has a round inside and lots of other cool features. What it does not have is an internal smoke detector.

Saturday after V-day the cable guy comes to set up our cable internet and phone.......... you guessed it, someone (not me) got HUNGRY. He asked for popcorn. I told him to wait and I would make lunch. Well he didn't wait.

He put a snack sized bag of popcorn into our brand new microwave......... and proceeded to turn it on for 45 minutes. You guessed it............ he fell on his butt on the way to turn it off when we realized that there was SMOKE and LOTS of it!!!! I had windows open, fans on......... everything.

Okay, let's see catching up a little......

So we got here in Mid Jan......... well late Jan but who is nit picky like that? Anyway, my Mom came to help (THANK GOD) and we looked at every apartment complex/rental community in the area that wasn't income restricted (read LOW INCOME)........ and we were not impressed. The very last one we looked at was it, PERFECT. Lots of storage, good layout, I can see the playground from the kitchen window.......... and Jman has found lots of friends out there.

Now the job, well the job is just great!!! I am much happier here job wise. The office mates are very welcoming and friendly and have helped me a great deal. I am already upto my elbows in alligators (nope not the FL kind) and happy to be working my booty off.

We are looking for a church, tried one last weekend and Jman wants to go back. Well since he had such great taste in churches the last time, we will go again. We made it to the service and not to sunday school, but we should make it this weekend. I am going to try out the singles class. They have a membership of about 1000 people so maybe just maybe I will meet someone. Who knows.

Jman is in a private school and we have had a few moments. They wanted to demote him. So pray for us that he keeps working hard (cuz you know this Mama Bear stood her ground and said, nope you are NOT demoting my child........... you are not the only school in this area) I would like for him to make it thru first grade....... I know he will. Smart kid I have. :)

Other than that, we are just waiting for our washer and dryer to be delivered and then we should be pretty well set.

Those of you waiting for invites, COME ON DOWN! It is cold as $#*()$# here and I LOVE IT! I will make room for any of ya. (granted it would most likely be in Jman's spiderman sheets.......)

Okay I think that covers everything. Holla if you think I forgot something.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I'm here I am HERE!

Okay, so I am finally some what up and running, I will try to update everyone. Today's fun was when Jman decided to put a snack sized bag of popcorn in the microwave for 45 minutes. NICE. Pretty SMOKE every where. But I will catch you all up soon. Promise.