Thursday, July 31, 2008

One more week

I fly out a week from today to get go get the bugger............ and I still don't feel like I have gotten anything done. But look what I made with my best friend came down for the weekend. We went to a local paint your own pottery shop. And this is the first of my items that I painted. :)

So if you are in the Richmond Area..............

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Week Four

So I am late again. But eh..........

Jman is doing well. And I am getting closer to having a more clean house.......

17 days to go until I fly out of the country to get him.

My best friend is coming down this weekend, that should help keep me busy. :)

Jman is going to be in Go Go Jonah this friday night...... he is in a Broadway Camp this week. Funny kid. I thnk he is loving every minute of being in a musical ............

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Week Three

So I am a little late in posting this. But basically it is because I have very little to share. The highlight of my week was a Bastille Day Party (14th of July) on the 12th. (hard to "party" on a Monday)

My days are consisting of working, running, relaxing, maybe eating dinner if I am hungry. Oh and working on cleaning out some closets and other fun stuff.

This morning I got up normal time (4-430 am) to make stuff to take for a breakfast this morning at work. Hated to give up my snooze time, but eh............

Jman's days on the other hand consist of eating (evidently a TON as the kid has put on 4 pounds in 3 weeks......... or about 8% increase in body weight..............) and shopping for more (notice I didn't say replacement...........) clothes. I hear he is also getting a few legos. (Papa, take me back to the PX after work today okay? Why......... I need another legos!)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Week Two

So I have survived the second week. And 4th of July. What I couldn't bear the thought of was sitting at home by myself for 4 days looking at the walls alone. So I didn't. I left!

I drove up to see my grandparents up in PA. Loved every minute of it. I got to see my cousins, 2nd cousins, aunts, and uncles. It was great. I love the closeness of our family. There aren't many families out there like that any more.

Jman is still having a blast in Germany. He sure didn't have but a few minutes to spare for his dear old mom. But at least I know he is having a good time. He has gotten to see his dad some and has loved that. Poppa comes back tomorrow after a long time away. Jman and my mom are looking forward to picking him up tomorrow. That will be way FUN for all of them.

I will try to post pictures soon.